The debut full-length album from these Hamilton, New Jersey natives came out last fall, and it’s a very good introduction to what I hope will be a long career for the young men known to their fans as The Early November.

T.E.N. released “For All of This” in 2002, and it was impressive, to say the least, but this follow-up album just proves they aren’t going to let up on rocking out anytime soon. A melodic mix of rock and emo, these lads show their raw, undeniable talent.

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The album begins with a remake of the acoustic “Ever So Sweet” with a violin added, which makes the song more stylish and appealing.

The next track that catches my fancy is “The Mountain Range in My Living Room,” which is excellent. The lyrics are awesome, the melody is catchy, and the overall response to the song is pure awesomeness. “Baby Blue,” a single off the album, is a very catchy, well-put together rock song that makes you want to sing along with the chorus: Nights likes these are never ending! I tried so hard to make this perfect. One of my favorites, though, is “Fluxy” because of its impressive lyrics.

Overall, T.E.N.’s debut album is a show, a display for music fans. It’s audible proof that these guys are a talented group ready to rock out, and do it well, might I add. I definitely recommend this CD to anyone who likes good music. Look for these guys on tour and in the future.