Catching your first glance of this CD, you think: Oh, another punk band with stereotypical lead vocals that go from singing one moment to screeching the next. But when you dive right in, you will find that this isn’t just another band with a lead singer dealing with the sorrow of another girl breaking his heart. To the contrary, you find songs like “Divide and Conquer,” which takes on an opinion of its own to the situations of wars and enemies. The lyrics (“Saving loved ones, carry our guns. Take a look at what we’ve become. Hungry nations, standing in the ashes of our enemies’ remains”) can be viewed as more in-depth than the average lyrics of the leading pop ideals.

Story of the Year came up and out of St. Louis, Missouri and has managed to gather a fairly large fan base for being so relatively new. They have toured with Sugarcult to promote their debut album “Page Avenue.”

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Their debut single is “Until the Day I Die,” which gives a new meaning to a love ballad. This single can be used as both a love ballad for a “rocktastic” couple or a break-up song. From the lyrics “Until the day I die, I spill my heart for you to … My hands are at your throat and I think I hate you,” this single covers all aspects of a relationship.

“Page Avenue” is a CD that is sure to be kept in the CD player for at least the first two months you own it. Regardless of how many times you hear it, you’ll still find new meanings in each song. Story of the Year is definitely not your run-of-the-mill band. They are sure to keep your mind wondering and your ears listening as you hear their heartfelt “Sidewalks” and their anger-managing “Razorblades.” Give them a try!