Hammering through the veil of ignorance, Anthrax are on the cutting edge of metal, setting the standards for newcomers to the scene. On the album, “State of Euphoria,” the fast-paced, explosive band from New York comes on strong. The thundering guitar solos from Dan Spitz and Scott Ian supercharge the album with bone-crushing brutality. Drummer, Charlie Benants adds precise time-keeping and rocket-like drum fills. The crazed bassist, Frank Bello, pours chords from his guitar that rival some of the best bass players around.

Composed lyrics for “State of Euphoria,” which are against racism, reflect the band’s focus on life, from songs like “Schism,” which relates to anti-racism, to “Be all, End all,” which strives toward the importance of a good state of mind in life. Anthrax are like a cool breeze over a hot day, truly a band of the nineties. n

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