Brenn hails from Nashville, Tennessee, and they will definitely rock your world. They are also one of the few current bands capable of opening our eyes to the fairy tale that is music – we’re so used to music as just an entertaining, time-killing tool. Brenn’s music can be compared to bands like Muse, U2, and Radiohead, but in my opinion, this band is very different.

“Stack of Fears,” their most recent EP, shows the influences of electronic, pop, soft rock, and alternative music. The riffs and beats of the guitars and drums create a distinctive, never-before-heard sound that exudes a relaxed, bright, even energetic atmosphere along with the lyrics. I smile when I hear the harmony of Joel Larabell (lead vocals and keyboard), Johnny Gradone (backing vocals, guitar), Chuck Starks (drums), and Jeff Schuette (bass guitar, backing vocals).

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“Stack of Fears” opens with an epic blast of energy from the song “Colours.” Next comes “Londontown,” which adds to the pressure building up inside the listener. Just hearing those two songs makes me want to dance and jump to release the day’s stress. The third track, “Worth Your While,” has a melodic electronic intro, but then as Larabell’s voice increases in volume, the instruments follow suit. This song shifts from an electronic ballad to a louder pop-rock sound in a quick, smooth way. But a screeching, scratchy noise disrupts the song’s closing. That’s where I found a flaw. If played loud enough, it can penetrate your ear drums.

The ballad, “Something Happens,” uses a piano to accompany Larabell’s vocals in a memorable piece that requires a moment of silence to feel the vibe of the lyrics. The closing track, “Vakate,” begins with otherworldly sounds that flow toward the vocals. This closes the EP with a great reminder of what music is all about.

I recommend “Stack of Fears” to avid music listeners, especially if you’re a fan of brit-pop bands, atmospheric rock bands, and pop-rock or alternative music. Brenn is a wonderful, original band.