Taylor Swift is known for her music’s raw honesty, and her latest album, is everything fans would’ve expected and more. Speak now came out on October 25th, and takes everyone through the journey of her past two years, with earnest-sounding words and beautiful music to match.
The CD starts has some very catchy and romantic tracks, titled Mine, Speak Now, Sparks Fly, and Enchanted; that sound just lovely with a voice as pretty as hers, and are bound to be stuck in listener’s head long after they play them. A song called Back To December also appears on the CD, which has gotten a lot of press for her recent public performances of it, which she has referred to as an apology to someone who deserves one; and truly showcases her talent as a song-writer that people feel they can relate to.
Long Live, Haunted, Mean, and Better Than Revenge are also included, and address issues from bullying, to being cheated on, difficult break-ups, and remembering important moments in life. Some slower songs grace the album as well; from Dear John, and Innocent, to Never Grow Up, and Last Kiss; which deal with topics from heartbreak, to childhood and family. These all range from sad to sweet, and really allow her unique voice as an artist to shine through.
A deluxe version is also available which includes three more tracks; Ours, If This Were A Movie, and Superman; which, like the majority of her songs, can evoke a lot of emotions in people, by their detailed and heart-felt lyrics. So while some country fan’s could be disappointed by the way she’s steered more from her beginning country roots, seeing as Speak Now has a more upbeat and mainstream feel than some of her music from the past, I do feel as though anyone who goes through her newest release would still have to admit that it’s worth the listen.
Taylor has accomplished a lot in these past years, from awards to unbelievable record sales. But this is likely, just the start for her, and she’s bound to have even more accomplishments in the future.