“Dragons Fly on the Winds of Time”

“Dragons Fly on the Winds of Time” is one of the fifty (50) compositions Larry Neeck has composed. Four of these compositions, Mr. Neeck has received ASCAP awards for. Additionally, Mr. Neeck has written for the internationally acclaimed jazz violinist Regina Carter and for the jazz saxophonist James Carter. Outside of composing music, Mr. Neeck teaches instrumental music at Webster New York Central School District. Close your eyes and allow your imagination to soar with the “Dragons on the Winds of Time”.
“Jana’s Dance”

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High energy and shifting time signatures make David Gorham’s composition of “Jana’s Dance” come alive right on the stage. David Gorham (born in 1978) has almost sixty (60) published works. Included in Mr. Gorham’s works are several pieces he composed for groups throughout the country, including the University of Arkansas Wind Ensemble, Arkansas All-State Band, the North Hill Symphony Band, and the United States Air Force Band of Mid-America. Currently working at Owasso High School, his job not only includes overseeing the school’s band program, but also directing the Wind Ensemble, Concert Band and The Pride marching band. I hope you enjoy the dancing melodies of David Gorham’s “Jana’s Dance”.
“Pevensey Castle”

The next piece is a mysterious sounding composition by Robert Sheldon called “Pevensey Castle”. Robert Sheldon (born on February 3, 1954) is one of the most preformed composers worldwide. His popularity is not surprising considering that he has attained many awards for his compositions. Along with composing music, Mr. Sheldon is a frequent guest conductor and clinician throughout the United States, as well as Japan, Canada, Australia and The Republic of China. Currently, Mr. Sheldon is Concert Band Editor for Alfred Music Publishing. Now, please enjoy Robert Sheldon’s interpretation surrounding the historical times of the fall of England’s Pevensey Castle during the dark ages.
“Opinion Paragraph”

Each piece has its pros and cons, but never the less I enjoy them all. With the challenges each piece presented there were also opportunities to learn and grow as musicians. “Jana’s Dance”, I thought, had the easiest rhythms and notes, but the articulations and tempo made it more difficult to play. However, in my opinion it is the articulation and tempo required of the piece that adds to its overall quality and enjoyability. Most of the trouble I encountered with “Pevensey Castle” was establishing and maintaining the dynamics in their correct places. The simplicity of the melody allowed me to direct more of my focus on dynamics though; however, the tempo made it a bit more difficult. In “Dragons Fly on the Winds of Time” I found it crucial to subdivide certain parts when I was playing a different part than those around me. I particularly enjoyed the diversity of each section’s different parts, and the way in which the parts combined together to form one piece. The variety of styles of these three pieces presented opportunities for further growth to us as student musicians, as well as an entertaining combination of pieces for the listening pleasure of our families and friends attending our spring concert.