Throughout the years, Megadeth has hidden in Metallica’s shadow. At first it made sense, as Megadeth had a rocky start with their music. However, at their fourth studio release, Rust In Peace, Megadeth outshines everything that both of them have ever done before.

Being Megadeth’s most praised album, Rust In Peace doesn’t disappoint. From start to finish the album never gets dull. The lyrics are interesting as well, with topics ranging from religion (Holy Wars)to relationships (Poison Was The Cure and Tornado Of Souls) and even to aliens (Hangar 18) There’s no filler to be found here; each track feels as if it was delicately crafted to perfection.
The album starts with its two singles, Holy Wars…The Punishment Due and Hangar 18. These are both easily highlights of the album. Holy Wars is just constant thrash for six minutes, never stopping until the end. Hangar 18 starts slow, but gets faster and faster till the end. It also has eleven (yes, eleven) face melting guitar solos in just five minutes. Take No Prisoners and Five Magics, the next two tracks, revel in their complex guitar work. Riff after riff after riff, all different and amazing. Take No Prisoners has an obvious theme of war and Five Magics is about an evil sorcerer. Next up, Poison Was The Cure, has tight guitar work and a cool opening bass line. It is a short track, however, leaving the listener wanting more. Track 6, Lucretia, is a great one, with some short lyrics dealing with a ghost and then two amazing guitar solos. This, too, is short but the music itself makes up for that. Tornado Of Souls explodes from the start with great riffs and drumming. This is another album highlight, mainly due to the guitar solo by Marty Friedman. It’s god-like, ranging from soulful playing to finger blistering shredding at the end. Dawn Patrol slows it down a bit, with a single bass line played over and over while Dave Mustaine eerily sings about the environment in a thought provoking manner. Last but least is the title track, Rust In Peace…Polaris. Fast from the start with a jaw dropping drum solo, this song is infectious and catchy. The music matches the intense theme of nuclear warfare (“Launch the Polaris, the end doesn’t scare us, when will this cease? The warheads will all rust in peace”). The song is really repetitive, but it helps to send the important message.
All in all, Rust In Peace is a masterpiece from the guitars to the drums to the lyrics. This is a must-have for any metalhead.

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