The Continental Airlines Arena hosted Rush a few months ago. It was the last concert of the trio’s grueling three-month tour. As a Rush fan – no, as a Rush fanatic – I was anxiously awaiting the moment when the arena doors would open and the band would begin to play. Twenty thousand Rush fans lined up, waiting for Rush. The chants for the band could be heard throughout the arena. The lights dimmed, and the theme from the movie “2001: A Space Odyssey” began to play. The band took the stage and opened up the night with their 1991 hit, “Dreamline.”

Immediately, the fans went wild. They continued with several new songs from their most recent album “Test for Echo.” Many of the band’s older tunes were also played, including “Red Barcheta,” “Spirit of Radio,” and “Natural Science.” But the highlight of the night definitely had to be the complete performance of the space opera “2112.” This was the first time the band had performed the entire twenty-minute song. The band ended their set with the their 1981 smash hit, ATom Sawyer.”

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Through the entire concert, you could see all the dedicated fans singing along with precision. The concert ended with an encore performance of the instrumental “YYZ” and a section from the 1977 song, “Cygnus X-1.” Overall, I thought that the concert was incredible. The band was tight throughout every song, and the set list was the best I have heard yet. If Rush comes to a town near you, I would definitely buy tickets to experience this great music event.