Yes I decided I have to review at least one Metallica album at some point, so why not the best Metallica album? Ride the Lightning is a classic in heavy metal status also creating some innovation for them from Kill em All. Some of these innovations include more material from the band(not Dave Mustaine), and a ballad called Fade To Black which was written at a time of despair for the band because, and this is true, they lost all of their recording tools and instruments thus inspiring the track which is now a staple for them. While Metallica has set the groundwork for Thrash Metal from the beginning, it wasn’t until this album, at least for me, that the bands legendary status solidified. The final track of the album, The Call of Ktulu, is especially great for me because the basically combined Lovecraft, Mustaine`s writing skills, and Beethoven to make the song lasting at about 9 minutes. This track also appeared on the S CD as well being one of the first tracks to begin the concert, and believe me, it sounds better with a professional symphony orchestra.
A true classic in every sense of the word I give this an 8/10. This is the Grim Reaper, signing off.