The days of “Love Story” and “Our Song” Taylor Swift are officially over.Taylor Swift recently released her new album titled Reputation.This edgy, bass-dropping collection of songs could not be further from her previous country-pop style.

Reputation is the story of the evolution of Taylor.It goes on about how she has become a strong, rebellious artist who will not be treated inadequately.In contrast to the many lighthearted tracks on her 1989 album, such as “Shake It Off,” these songs are much more aggressive, sharp, and have much more depth.It is as if she is hoping to eradicate all negativity, rather than merely push it to the side.

As found in almost every album of hers, Taylor continues to drop sly clues about the person or event that she based it on.Some of her possible muses (according to fan pages) are Kanye West, Kim Kardashian, Ed Sheeran, and her current boyfriend Joe Alwyn.Precisely, it would take a full-time job to try to figure out the meanings of her newest Reputation songs. It wouldn’t be a Taylor Swift album without having to decipher it.

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These new songs are catchy, without a doubt, but some are a bit petty.In “Look What You Made Me Do,” Swift’s new iconic line about how the “old Taylor” is dead may have not been necessary.The tunes are also a bit repetitive, for the majority have the techno-style incorporated. There are a number of songs on the album that could pass for being the same instrumental composition, only with different words. In addition, most of the storylines of the songs are about love gone wrong, which can get slightly annoying for anyone besides a hard core Swiftie.

No one can object to the fact that Swift is growing up.She is no longer the innocent girl from Pennsylvania trying to make a name for herself.Taylor Swift is now a full-on music sensation, giving her the freedom to produce any type of music.Parents may not approve of this album due to the various lusty lyrics included.In one of the songs titled “Dress,” Taylor describes how her love for someone has skyrocketed and how she “only bought this dress so you could take it off.”Provocative lines such as these may not be appropriate for the younger members of Swift’s audience.

Doubtlessly, this has been a controversial album.But even with the spotlight constantly on her, Taylor Swift has managed to put out another album with fresh beats, new stories, and lyrics that can only be truly cracked by Taylor herself.And with 1.2 million albums sold in the first week alone, saying Reputation is a hit would be an understatement.It’s easy to fall in love with her gorgeous vocals, whether she is belting out a new jam, or simply harmonizing with the soft sounds.