Red by Taylor Swift

Red, Taylor Swift’s newest album, has put a twist on her regular style of music. This album has a mix of country, pop, and even a mix of the two genres. Her album Red has really shown her fans, that she has revolutionized into a new kind of artist.

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As depicted in popular magazines, Taylor Swift has had some trouble with picking boyfriends. Many of her songs have been related to bad experiences with boys. Seven years ago, Taylor Swift wasn’t a huge and known artist, but as the years have gone by, she has become one of the most popular artists of today’s musical revolution. Sparks Fly is the album she released, previous to Red. Before the making of Red, most of her songs were country and less pop. Swifts country style is slowly drifting away and being replaced with more modern beats.

Critics have belittled Swift for her drama with her boyfriends. It is true that she has dated multiple men, but because of this she has gotten many ideas and inspirations that have fueled her song writing. Most of her songs are about hardships with boys and the overall ups and downs of a dating life. People contend that her lyrics may be quite childish but instead many fans see them as spunky and frankly realistic. In the end, her lyrics have meaning and creativity.

Taylor Swift has certainly come far from her country tunes. The track that stands out then most in her new album is I Knew You Were Trouble because of its unique electronic beats, a technique that is rather atypical for Swift. No track “sags” in this album, but many of her songs can be slow paced-such as “Treacherous”. This album is officially categorized as “country”. It is definitely much more than that; it includes many more music genres like pop and electronic.

Red should be given a four out of five because of the different type of songs included in the album, whether you are an advocate of opponent of her new album. It is clear that Taylor Swift had really gone out of her comfort zone.