Eminem’s new album, Recovery, is called “Recovery” for a reason. In his past two albums : Encore and Relapse, he was on drugs. He even says this on Talkin 2 Myself which is one of his tracks on Recovery. “…The past two albums didn’t count. Encore I was on drugs. Relapse I was flushing them out…” His new album features various other artists; Rihanna in – Love the Way you Lie, Kobe – Talkin 2 Myself, Lil Wayne in -No Love, and Pink in – Won’t Back Down. I think that these were good people and the parts they needed to fill in for the songs were meant for them. In Love the Way you Lie Rihanna was an excellent choice. When she sang her part, she sung out the pain those lines were supposed to have. I haven’t really ever heard of Kobe before. I think he was a good choice because Kobe can sing high and Eminem can’t. I like Lil Wayne. When Lil Wayne and Eminem team up their songs are amazing. This song just proved that point. I don’t really know much about Pink and I don’t really listen to her music but she definitely killed all of her lines to the full extent.
Even though I think every song on this album is amazing. My favorite is Cinderella Man. Cinderella Man follows the fairytale of Cinderella. From when she was just a housemaid until she lost her glass shoe at the ball. When the prince found her, they fell in love and she became queen. In this song, Eminem raps about starting at the bottom and ending up on top. “…He came to the ball in his wife- beater, lost his Nike shoe…”
I think that this is Eminem’s best album yet. I think he did a really good job and set a good vibe. Eminem is my favorite rapper for a reason. I can’t find one song by him that’s bad. The one thing that I think is different with Eminem that doesn’t apply to other rappers, is his upbeat tones and beats that change throughout the song sometimes they’re really intense and fast parts in his music when sometimes it isnt. With most rappers it’s usually just a steady tone throughout the whole song. If you haven’t heard this album I suggest you look it up and listen to it.

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