You may’ve never heard of them. After reading the title of this, you probably thought to yourself, “Who the heck is Push Play?” However, one day, they’ll be rocking and rolling all the way to the Grammy’s.

Originating from Long Island, New York, Push Play is beginning to take the hearts of millions of teenage girls around the country with the good looks and dreamy voices. They’ve been called “The Next Jonas Brothers”, but, they’re totally different then the Jonas boys…

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“Deserted”, which is the boys’ debut album, released December 22nd, 2007 and they are due for a new one this spring, which will include tracks like “Cover Girl” and “Heart Attack”.

C.J., Derek, Steve, and Nick bring a new vibe with them to pop music with “Deserted”, which features hit tracks like “Situation”, “Starlight Addiction”, and “Dreamers”.

In “Starlight Addiction” the boys sing about wanting to get with someone and being in love with them. It’s fun to dance and sing to, while great to just sit back and relax to after a long day.

With C.J. singing lead vocals, Derek on the drums, Steve playin’ his guitar and Nick rockin’ the bass guitar, “Situation” is one of my favorite songs on the CD. I find myself singing it all the time and it’s one of the most played on my iPod. In a nutshell, the song is about a girl who’s perfect to the guy she’s with, and, makes every situation the greatest it can be! It’s got a fun sound to it and performed excellently by the band.

“Dreamers” is a bit of a slower song which fantasizes about being with someone, even though the relationship could never be again. It talks about how the relationship has been torn apart, just like a tearing piece of rope which had one person from the relationship on one end and the other person on the other end. It’s a calmer song which you could find yourself listening to at night while you lay in bed or after a long day.

These boys are the next big thing. They’re cute, funny, talented, and all around great guys!