The show included rappers Naughty by Nature, Queen Latifah, Public Enemy, Ghetto Boys, Tribe Called Quest, Kid -N- Play, Tim Dog, Heavy D, and DJ Jazzy Jeff and the Fresh Prince (but they did not show up because the Prince was sick).

In my opinion the two groups with the largest crowds of fans were Naughty by Nature and Public Enemy. Naughty by Nature were second on stage. They sang a couple of their best songs like “Opp,” “Naughty by Nature,” “123,” and a lot of other favorites. They had some guests such as Biz Markie, Heavy D and the Boyz, and Tim Dog. Black Sheep also appeared on stage ( and who should come out with them but Cypress Hill, of course).

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Public Enemy came out last singing “Shut ’em Down.” They had a red and blue police light going around the stadium. Flavor Flav came out on stage with his two daughters and son. He told the audience how he wanted his children to grow up, that he wants them to say no to drugs and all that. He was also happy that there was not a single fight during the concert, because a week prior there had been an all-star basketball game where five kids died (as a result of a rush of fans trying to get in). The mayor had said that if there was another incident like that, there was not going to be another black concert in the City of New York. So everybody at the Public Enemy concert behaved themselves. n