“Plus By: Ed Sheeran”

My first impression of this album was kinda bad. I did not get the entire album. It was hard to relate to when I thought it through. I was not a big fan about the album, until a couple years that had passed. I was finally able to relate to it, somehow it expressed my emotions every single second of the day. My family was having problems coming from all directions. It seemed to talk to me. It became an album that I constantly listen to every day.
The songs that stood out to me the most were “Lego House”, “Small Bump”, “A Team”, and “Kiss Me”. These songs were my favorite, the way it just moved my emotions around and made me feel as if I was finally finishing my depression stages. Ed Sheeran is a 26 year old, male. This album is called “Plus”. His music is Acoustic, pop, and contemporary folk music. This album was about his experiences and what he witnessed that inspired him to devote them to those people. This album is very heart touching and it is so perfect! There is not 1 song that I do not like.
Honestly, I could listen to this album forever. There are so many people rather listen to rap music when they’re going through problems when this album should be mostly listened to because it helps you cope with anything on your mind. This is a “Must” listen to album. He dedicated “A Team” to a young girl named Angel that he met in shelter that was soon going to be closing down and people like angel would have trouble finding another place to go.
I do not like the album “X by: Ed Sheeran”, that album just does not fit in with my life. The lyrics in Thinking Out Loud, “When your legs don’t work like they used to before.” make no sense to me and it just does not mix in with my “vibes”. The album genre seems as it changed and it just does not really make me want to listen. Some of the songs on his album are over played but on the “Plus” album I could listen to it none stop and not be bothered by it at all.
The album is amazing, catchy, and relatable in many reasons and ways. Go home and listen to the album because no matter what you might think about before you listen to it it is one of a kind and you will not regret playing this song. Teenagers would really love this because this is the hardest age for them and it just feels rights when you listen to it even if you are in a good or bad, you will fall in love with it. The way it makes you feel like one of a kind feeling that you will not get from any other album or song ever.

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