Last September, four young musicians began a journey, calling themselves Rip ‘N Time, cleverly named after lead singer Riley Ripintyme. This band of high schoolers from LA combined their talents to create the album “Playing Her Guitar Suite.”

What’s interesting about this album is that it is primarily guitar music. “Playing Her Guitar Suite” is a three-song EP that takes the listener on a jingle-jangle journey back to the classic guitar sounds of ’50s rock, ’80s metal, and the Blues era.

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The first track, “Playing Her Guitar,” is a sensitive vocal. Shimmery guitar and pretty choral voices combine to create a passionate sound. Then the guitars break into chunky rhythmic riffing that gives it a chill vibe before adding in some pretty sounds. The result is a unique interweaving of different types of guitar playing.

“Twisting Road,” an eight-minute instrumental track, overlaps beautiful chords with metallic guitars and a cool background bass. This track is full of intricate guitar solos that display lots of talent. It morphs seamlessly between rough metallic riffing and easy rock sounds, similar to what one would hear at a classic rock concert.

Rip ‘N Time’s final track, “Suite Dream,” is another guitar-filled instrumental. It begins with dream-like cascading harmonies accompanied by the soft plucking of the bass. As it progresses, several guitars cry out in a symphonic mix, weaving their voices together. Soft vocals at the end leave listeners feeling like they’ve been in a sweet dream.

In addition to the band members, other students work behind the scenes to create visual representations of the music. Inside the CD is a 24-page graphic novella that tells the inspiring story of seven guitar legends who shaped the band’s music-making goals. Rip ‘N Time uses the power of tuning, sensitivity, practice, perseverance, attitude, tone, and heart to achieve their ultimate goal: to defeat the Tarborgs, a rival band, at the Battle of the Bands at a local cafe. This novella is beautifully written, and the illustrations are as unique as their songs.