Released in 1996, Weezer’s second album “”Pinkerton”” is an emotional and beautiful crafted piece of art. I remember the first time I ever heard a song from “Pinkerton” by Weezer. I had heard Weezer before and enjoyed some of their more popular tracks like “Island in the sun”, “Say it Ain’t so”, and “Feels like Summer”, but never anything from “Pinkerton” as it wasn’t a very popular album. I always turn on my radio quietly at night to help me fall asleep, and one night as I was laying in bed“El Scorcho“ came on the radio. It was stuck in my head instantly. The chorus kept repeating over and over in my head the next day. After that night I listened to rest of the entire album online. It was brilliant. Catchy guitar riffs and careening vocals pull anyone listening in immediately. It was instantly appealing.

The groups sophomore album never reached the fame and sales of the first album, self titled Weezer (The Blue Album), which went platinum within a year of its release. “Pinkerton” didn’t get much recognition until many years after its release. It was named by Rolling Stone magazine as the #3 worst album of 1997. However, in 2002 it was ranked as the #16greatest album of all time, also by Rolling Stone magazine. “Pinkerton” is also regarded by many Weezer fans as their best album, although at the time it was released, it was seen as a failure.

Rivers Cuomo pours his heart out in this album. His romantical frustration is the topic of many lyrics. He dropped out of Harvard in 1996 to write “Pinkerton”. In “ No Other One”, he talks about staying in a toxic relationship, because he thinks there is no one else for him. In other songs, he talks about being rejected by women. “Pink Triangle” is about Rivers falling in love with a girl only to find out that she is a lesbian. There is so much emotion and passion in all of the songs on “Pinkerton”. No other Weezer album has ever felt more personal and deep to so many fans.

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“Pinkerton” is a true work of art. Matt Sharps distorted bass playing makes the songs feel full and complete. The simple but moving guitar makes for unforgettable choruses. The pain described in this album feels very real. Cuomo sings about heartbreak and sadness beautifully sung over fuzzy guitar playing. The musical style is more grungy and gritty than their previous album,”Weezer”, which featured a pop rock feel. “Pinkerton” is Weezer’s “In Utero”.

While initially seeming like a career ending failure, “Pinkerton” eventually got the recognition it deserved when it was re-released in 2010. It is now considered to be one of the greatest albums ever written, and is easily one of the best Weezer albums. This album is a work of art and contains so much emotion. Catchy choruses leave songs stuck in heads for days. Distorted guitars and simple drums hold them together. This album appeals to so many people; especially anyone who likes pop, rock, or just enjoys music at all. I would definitely recommend listening.