I’m The Best….Im the best would have to be one of Nicki Minaj’s really good songs. I truly feel that she can express her opinions well in this song

Did It On ‘Em….I think Nicki did a great job with this song

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Fly (featuring Rihanna)….This song shows Nicki’s power, integrity and Rights

Moment 4 Life (featuring Drake) This video expresses Nicki Minaj’s feeling alot. Great Job!

Your Love…. Nicki as always blew out on this song. I believe she is awesome and should continue on with her amazing music

Super Bass….Especially in the video Nicki went overboard as in fantastic! I feel that in this song, considering the fact that it made most watched title on on demand for more that a month, is one of Nicki’s best songs

In my opinion Nicki Minaj is ONe of the best Rapper/Singer ever. I say she should keep going with her great work.Please give all of your opinions!