Some of us don’t like heavy metal groups. We don’t understand one word they sing and don’t want to for that matter. Some of us don’t like Vanilla Ice, NWA, and the rest of the rap scene either. In fact, some us find it difficult to stop ourselves from either laughing hysterically or crying when we see their concert videos played on MTV. If you envision a concert that you would actually enjoy as having more to offer than the usual lip-synched Top 40 hits, there is hope.

If you would rather see Led Zeppelin play classics like “Kashmir” and “Rock and Roll” than see Poison sing “Your Momma Don’t Dance” and ruin your evening like a dose of cyanide (pun intended), I suggest that you do go see Led Zeppelin play. We all know that this isn’t possible because lead singer Robert Plant has gone solo, guitarist Jimmy Page looks too old these days to even pick up the guitar with which he once made us “dazed and confused,” and Jon Bonham has seen his better days pass, to say the least. However, the cover band named “Physical Graffiti” can give you the next best thing.

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I have known about this band for some time, but until recently, ignored their very existence because of my stubbornness and love for the original group. Last year, however, I happened to be in Rhode Island where they were to play and so decided to go with my friend and watch them kill all my favorite songs. To say I was surprised to see them play every note just as I would imagine the real Led Zeppelin playing it, would be a major understatement! I was expecting cheap imitators and I was given good musicians who not only sounded the same, but also looked like the original group as well.

The guitarist was very good, but I felt as if no one could fill Jimmy Page’s shoes. The lead singer, however, was just as good as the real Robert Plant. Expecting an Axl Rose-like scream instead of a voice, I was shocked to hear this guy crank out high notes perfectly. Everyone there was really getting into it. It was a good time as well as a great concert!

“Physical Graffiti” will be coming to the Boston area at least twice this year, so if you enjoy classic rock ‘n’ roll, I recommend that you catch their act. So, you see, Led Zeppelin fans … there is hope. n