Since “The Guest” debuted, it has only increased in popularity. You can now hear Phantom Planet’s melodious tunes on the radio and in movie soundtracks. The musical talent is reminiscent of Weezer, but their own special touch makes them one of a kind.

Their most popular song, and the first on the album, is a soft rock tune called “California” that lures you in. Along with great sing-along tunes, “The Guest” also explores deep thoughts through musical poetry. “Turn Smile Shift Repeat” is a somber tune describing the people of the greedy, corporate world that makes a prominent statement.

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Phantom Planet, taking their name from the ?s sci-fi movie, has been around since the late ?s but is just breaking into the music scene. Even with their famous drummer Jason Schwartzman, they have struggled to get their CD heard. But in listening to this record, one can tell that these young men love to make music.

Lead singer Alex Greenwald has an amazing, tranquil voice and lends his talent as a guitarist too. Jacques Brauther and Darren Robinson, lead guitarists, have several amazing riffs and harmonize well with bassist Sam Farrar. With so many instrumentals, you can easily observe their talent.

Phantom Planet is an awesome band, and I recommend them to any Weezer or Radiohead fan. You can hear Phantom Planet’s hit “California” on “The O. C.” during the opening credits. Enjoy! .