One of the big hits of the previous year. Opeth is a name that most metal fans by now would know. Opeth is a progressive metal band dating all the way back in the 90’s with albums like Orchid, Morningrise, My Arms Your Hearse and Still Life. They have been continuing their career ever since and with the last two albums they’ve made, Heritage amd Pale Communion, they went back to where it all started with their biggest influences from the 70’s prog era. You can most likely see where their going with this new style and to be honest, I love it. Really the way I see it is that it is basically Opeth’s trademark with their paying omage to some of the older prog bands like Pink Floyd, Yes, Genesis, and Alan Parson.

With songs like Cusp of Eternity and Moon Above Sun Below and Goblin, you know your in for a ride. If you’ve aslo taken any notice to my new screen here, you will notice it looks like the album cover, that shows how much that I like this band and this album in general. Is this metal? In ways it is, it doesn’t sound like metal but consistering Opeth we all know it is a heavy metal album. If this were still 2014, I would put this in the top 10 albums of the year. Opeth, haven’t made made really any turn for worst or better, just for fantasm and amazement. I can’t say this is my favorite, that would be Still Life, but it comes pretty close. My final rating is 9.5/10

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