Everybody’s heard of the recent hit song “Fireflies”. The song is by Owl City, which is mainly composed of artist Adam Young and his computer. Plagued with insomnia, he passed the time by playing with his parents’ computer and uploaded his first song to MySpace-“Hello Seattle”.
Owl city, in my opinion, is a very refreshing change from the songs out there about love and sex. Almost all the songs out there have something to do with love. What has this world gotten to-a world of people crazed by romantic fantasies? I love how most of his songs doesn’t even mention a word related to romance. His songs display his quirky and eccentric personality. He even writes about going to the dentist. I mean, who is creative enough to write about something that ordinary and making it worth listening to? With a soothing, almost hypnotic voice, backed up with interesting techno-style backup music, Adam works his way through seemingly random lyrics and into your heart. His songs are different every time, and all of them have little hidden meanings that you have to really look for. His most recent album, Ocean Eyes, is based around metaphoric and symbolic ideas, like nature, and his lyrics really show more than tell. Lyrics like “Swallow a drop of gravel and blacktop/cause the road tastes like wintergreen” or “Every mushroom cloud has its silver lining/though I’m undermining to deep to know” are what makes his songs unique and idiosyncratic. He has also released two other albums-Of June and Maybe I’m Dreaming.
It’s difficult not to be pulled into his music as his voice flies smoothly over you. I like to listen to his music when I run, or when I do homework, and before I go to bed. It does wonders on lifting your mood. How long does it take for you to get bored of hearing about a bad romance? Owl City is something you can listen to over and over again, and never get bored of. So if you loved “Fireflies”, or like techno music, or is just plain sick of the endless love stories being recycled over and over again in popular songs, check out Owl City!