Pop is a very popular music genre among kids and teens, and Maroon 5 is part of that. Maroon 5 is mostly popular among teens, and their new album “Overexposed” is a big hit. Their music is popular for many reasons, but I like their meaningful lyrics and catchy tunes the most. Rising steadily since they began, Maroon 5 has been very good with their music.

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Originally known as Kara’s Flowers, this band formed while they were still in high school in 1994. They started out as a rock band, but later, when they changed their name to Maroon 5, became a pop band. Since then, they have released Songs about Jane in 2002, It Won’t be Soon before Long in 2006, Hands All Over in 2008, and Overexposed in 2012. Even though many of their songs from all their albums became big hits, I like this album the best, because they seem more experienced and mature in these songs. The lyrics are meaningful, but still easy to understand. One example is, “…I was the man who never lied. I never lied until today. But I just couldn’t break your heart like you did mine yesterday. I was the man who never lied…” from the song, The Man Who Never Lied.

Some tracks that stand out from this album are, Lucky Strike, The Man Who Never Lied, and She Will be Loved, because they have interesting lyrics and good music to go along. None of the tracks seemed like they sag, but some parts of songs did seem a little slow and overdone. This album is very well done and is just as good as other albums by other artists. I think it is even better. Overall, this album was my favorite.

I would give this album four out of five stars, because some songs weren’t as good as they could be. I loved this album, and I hope Maroon 5 keeps making albums just like this