Maroon 5 has always been a band that put a lot of feeling into their music. Their latest album, “Overexposed”, is no different. Maroon 5 is classified as a pop group and most of the tracks in this album are great dance songs. Other songs are wonderful pick me ups. And like many albums, it has one or two songs that are very sad and bring out personal emotions. Reactions to this album may include listening over and over again and singing out loud. The album makes an impression on you. The lyrics get stuck in your head and you can’t get them out. Although this is normally annoying, this album is one you won’t mind having in your head constantly.

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The band Maroon 5 is very well known and has been around since 1994. Lately the band has changed their sound to the more techy style of this time. Although their sound has changed they are still as good as ever. The song “Wasted Years” sounds like their old sound. This album can be compared to one of the other albums, “Songs about Jane,” and is just as memorable. Tracks in this album are filled with emotion like many of their other songs from previous years. Each song has a different feeling someone could be going through in their life. Thusly, any person could find a song to love and relate to.

The theme of this album is love. It is about the relationships and bonds you create with people. This is evident in the following lyrics: “Something isn’t right and I don’t want to fight you…” from “Wipe Your Eyes”. These lyrics show compassion and make you feel like someone cares for you even when it seems no one does. “Cause in the daylight we will be on our own. But tonight I’m going to keep you so close…” is from the song “Daylight”. This phrase does a good job at summing up the song. The song is about living in the moment and keeping the people you might lose close. All people will lose others at some point in their life. The song is universal in that way.

Like many albums, some songs on “Overexposed” are better than others. A song that really stands out is “The Man Who Never Lied”. It describes how honesty is great but sometimes leads to sorrow. A song that is not as enjoyable as others is “Sad.” Like the title says, it is a sad and slow song that doesn’t fit in with the others on the album.

I give the album four out of five stars for its great sound and emotion. It brings life to problems in life and gives you something great to listen to. This album has a different sound than most other pop albums. It is great addition to the genre. I strongly recommend giving it a listen.