Personally, I hold a very neutral opinion towards teen pop sensation Justin Bieber. I simply am not interested in either being one of his fans or bashing him. Having said this, I hope readers will recognize that my opinion is not biased when I discuss my dislike of his song “One Less Lonely Girl”. It is not his singing abilities or anything about Justin as a person that bother me about this song, but the lyrics that he sings. My friend recently spoke about the message that he believed the lyrics send to young listeners. When a sixteen-year-old sings about how he will cause one girl not to be lonely anymore, he seems to imply that teenage girls aren’t okay on their own. I think many agree that it’s quite alright to be single at any age. Girls shouldn’t have to be in a relationship to be happy. Who they date does not define them as a person. In the lyrics to “One Less Lonely Girl”, Justin repeats over and over how he will end a girl’s loneliness. When he says “one less” he seems to imply that many girls are lonely and unhappy because they don’t have boyfriends. Justin seems to be saying that the girl he is singing to in particular is lucky to be chosen by him because he will rescue only her out of the many other lonesome girls who would love to be with him. Others may have their own personal opinions on the meaning of this song, and I respect that, but I will stand firm on my opinion that this song sends a negative message to Justin’s many fans.