For David’s debut album, the Japanese version had a bonus track. “Save The Day” was released in February 2009. This time around, it’s the same thing. The Japanese version of David’s new album, The Other Side Of Down, does indeed come with a new bonus track. The album will be released in Japan this month, and the new song is called “Nothing Else Better To Do”.

The song was co-written by Archuleta, along with Emanuel Kiriakou (one of the writers of “Crush”, and the newest single “Falling Stars”), Andre Merritt, and Lindy Robbins. This song has a funky beat, and almost an island vibe to it. It’s different from the sound we’re used to hearing David sing, but he definitely pulls it off.

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Although the lyrics are random, if you really listen to them they do make some sense. It’s a love song, but with a twist. Almost like Train’s “Hey Soul Sister”. The lyrics to that song are as random as you can get, and yet it’s still sweet and makes sense. Exactly like this song. “Twenty-five hours every day, I’ve got nothing else better to do”, “An island of green and blueberry ice, Wish we were there”, “You’re velvet on a red cupcake, Sound a cello and a violin make”… Those are only a few examples of how interesting the lyrics get, and yet if you can picture what David is saying, it becomes really sweet, and not just because of the red cupcake.

Basically what he’s saying is that he’s got nothing else better to do than spend time with this person because he likes them so much. They “put the rings around the moon” as David puts it. It’s pretty clear that David helped pen this song, considering it mentions a lot of music and food (LOL). Another very “David” song. And that, along with the way he sings it, makes for a very unique song, and I personally love it.