Bob Marley was one of the most influential artists of our time, and “Natural Mystic” is the finest compilation CD of his work. It is music that can’t be classified as just reggae. It smashes all categories of music as we know it. It isn’t music intended for one social class or society. Anyone who likes music will love “Natural Mystic.” He used his religious beliefs and musical talent to spread his message of unity. Marley attempted to show what life was like in a third-world country through his music. He served as an icon not only for his home country of Jamaica but for all other countries still fighting for their freedom.

Marley was a figurehead for all who had felt the wrath of political persecution. He sings of oppression of his people in songs like “Crazy Baldheads.” He tells the world how Europeans stripped his people of their freedom, along with their dignity. Although he talks of oppression, he also showed that his people won’t back down. In songs like “Iron, Lion, Zion,” “War,” and “Keep On Moving” he sings that one day blacks, and people in general, all over the world will continue to fight until they reach their goal of total freedom.

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Marley envisioned a world where all would be equal. He dreamed of a world of both political and spiritual unity. He asks for his people in Africa to unite to fight off oppression in “Africa Unite.” Marley keeps an optimistic outlook on the world in “Time Will Tell.” He says that one day all children will live together in harmony and the blacks plucked from Africa will be returned to their homeland.

The CD, although filled with complex political and spiritual topics, displays the talents of Bob Marley to the fullest. With mixture of fast beats, the blaring sounds of trumpets and calypsos, Marley is able to send a message without overpowering the listener with his political views. No wonder that Marley has served as a model for all striving to achieve peace and unity in the world. His combination of utter wisdom and musical talent produced a sound that is soothing to any ear