Justin Bieber’s album My World 2.0 is different then some of his other albums because it is very upbeat and fast. Some of his newer albums are slower. When Justin came out with this album, he was in middle school. One song “Baby” is about his first love breaking his heart.

This album includes songs like “Up” and “Overboard” that are very slow. But it also has fats, upbeat songs like “Baby” and “Eenie Meenie”. This album was his second hit right after My World in 2009, which made Justin famous.

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“Kiss and Tell” is a very fun song with a spunky beat. It also has very catchy lyrics that make you want to sing along. It is like most of the songs on My World, but is very different from his newer album Believe. The songs on Believe are slower then both My World 2.0 and My World.

I like this album because it is fast with fun lyrics, but the only song where my opinion sags is “Never Let You Go”. It sags because it is slow and the lyrics are not fun. He is just singing about not letting go of a girl because she is going to heaven. “Stuck In The Moment” is the best on the album because the lyrics are very heart-felt and catchy.

This album is a mix between his first album and his newest album My World and Believe. Justin is transitioning from fast, upbeat, spunky songs to slower songs. Overall, I really like this album and I would give it a rating of eight out of ten. This is because there are some slower songs that have lyrics that are kind of boring to me.