The band of many wonders in the Swedish metal community. The first of two concept albums the band has released, the other one being Still Life a year later, My Arms Your Hearse is set up like a story book. By that I mean it’s as if every track is a separate chapter and the story continues with the last lyric of every track(with the exception of Prologue) is the name of the next track. With this the story here comes full circle with the Epilogue and how the last lyric of that track is Prologue. With tracks such as April Etheral, Demon of The Fall, and Karma you can tell this will be a good album all on its own. When compared to the first two albums, Orchid and Morningrise, you may notice that none of the tracks are surpassing the 10 minute mark and that there are 9 tracks. The album as a whole is actually just under an hour(and that’s without Circle of the Tyrant and Remember Tomorrow) and doesn’t have much of an epic per se. But with that in mind, take a look at Black Rose Immortal(from Morningrise), it’s 20 minutes and the entire album is only five tracks! Then we have Orchid which is 7 tracks and the same length as Morningrise, just about. That’s just a couple of reasons why Morningrise and Orchid aren’t exactly popular whereas this is a bit more acessable to Opethians, and is less brutal for the ears of non Opethians. If you ask me what my favorite track on the album is, I would say Demon of The Fall because 1. it’s the first track in the album I knew and 2. is also the most memorable to me. My second favorite Opeth album so far and it is hands down, worthy of that title.

For those of you wanting to get into the band, This, Still Life and Blackwater Park are the best three to start with in my opinion because everyone knows these albums and they are also shown at Opeth’s peak of awesome. Mike, Steven Martin and the rest of the crew have done a good job with this album I shall say. One more thing, this is also the last album they realeased with Candlelight Records and they company has a Bandcamp so if you do want to go check it out you may go there, YouTube or wherever else you go for your music. As always, thanks for listening and I’ll see you all with another review.

I give this a 10/10. This is the Grim Reaper, signing off.

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