Marky Mark and The Funky Bunch are a brand-new, fresh group straight from Dorchester. By now, however, they are pretty well-known with their two most popular hits “Good Vibrations” and “Wildside” pumping over the air waves of every Top 40 radio station you turn to.

Some people are quick to judge that the group is too similar to the ever-so-popular New Kids, and therefore refuse to accept them. Lead member is Marky Mark Wahlberg (little brother of New Kid Donnie). But one must be careful not to compare the two groups based on Mark’s association with Donnie. True Donnie does produce the Funky Bunch group, but Donnie and Mark (although blood relatives) are two totally different individuals with their own artistic talents. Mark has a style all his own which is evident on his new album “Music for the People.”

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On July 23, 1991, Marky Mark kicked off the release of his new album with a record signing at Tower Records in Boston. By the hoards of fans waiting in line outside the store, it was obvious that this group was already rapidly increasing in popularity and heading towards major stardom. Once inside, everyone got a chance to meet with the Funky Bunch members and received autographs and took pictures. The tapes and CDs of “Music for the People” were readily available.

I bought a copy on CD assuming it would be good music, but I never imagined it would be as incredible as I know it is now! Each and every song has its own distinguished sound of combined hip-hop and rap. All the songs on the album are base, upbeat tunes with the exceptions of “Wildside” (a slowed-down rap about some of the violence and drug problems in Boston) and “Make Me Say Ooh” (a rap version of a ballad).

This is definitely an album worth checking out if you’re a rap lover like me! You don’t have to be a New Kids fan to buy this album. You’ll be surprised at what a great rapper Marky is! n