One Direction is one of the most famous Boy bands since “The Beatles.” The boys first audition for the X-Factor in 2011 as indivual artists. Liam Payne, Harry Styles, Zayn Malik, Naill Horan and Louis Tomlinson. Each Boy had gotten eliminated but at the last minute had gotten called back in with a few other boys. One of the judges had suggested for them to sing as a group. Overall they won 3rd Place.
Midnight Memories is the boy’s 3rd album and has been 1 number 1 on the charts for about 5 months. My personal favorite song on the album is Diana. It is a song about fans that self-harm. The song is telling the fans that no matter what they love them. The track album includes: Best Song Ever, Story of My Life, Diana, Midnight Memories, You & I , Don’t Forget Where You Belong ,Strong , Happily , Right Now ,Little Black Dress ,Through The Dark Something Great ,Little White Lies, Better Than Words. Bonus Tracks: Why Don’t We Go There, Does He Know? , Alive, and Half A Heart.
The whole album had a pop-rock feel to it. Their song will defiantly get you dancing. Their-faced paced music will instantly put you in a good mood. Their lyrics are inspiration and sing what matters to them. This album has a verity of tempos, and always has you felling a different type of way too can go form dance-pop top a sad love song. They will always keep you unexpected.
It has become the fastest-selling album in Amazon UK’s fifteen-year history, breaking the record set by One Direction’s previous release, Take Me Home (2012). The album debuted at number one on the US Billboard 200, making One Direction the first group in history to debut at number one in the US with their first three albums. They call their fans directioners, and sometimes are referred tem also to “crazy mofos.” Their hits on this album are “Story of my Life”, “Diana”, and “Midnight Memories.”
A Tour of the Best Night Ever

The boys’ tour expresses a lot of things. The night consists of flashing lights, fire shooters, fireworks, and beach balls. They really connect with their fans, by saying to tweet them questions, and to say you’re seat number with it. They sing to you about how to be strong, to always love yourself, and that through the whole way they will be there. So as a proud directioner I can say, this is one of their best album’s as a band.

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