Named to be one of the best indie bands of all time, MGMT was formed by two college students named Ben Goldwasser and Andrew VanWyndgarden while freshman at Wesleyan University. While getting adjusted to the new environment there, the two often got together and recorded music on their computers, experimenting with different types of rock and electronic genres. After about a year of creating music together, they decided to get serious about their musical career. Around 2002, they played some music for Cantora records, and were signed within a few months. Once Goldwasser and VanWyngarden graduated, they had the time to tour and endorse their first EP, Time To Pretend, playing at many gigs including the opening for the indie rock band entitled Of Montreal.

MGMT’s association with Cantora records didn’t last for long, because around 2006 they were signed to another major record label, Columbia Records. This was definitely the right move for the band at the time because their next album, known as Oracular Spectacular, was a huge success and step forward in their musical career. MGMT opened for Of Montreal once again, and even performed in London, England later that year. The band entered 2008 with a bang performing on a headline tour of the UK, opening for M.I.A., and later playing several shows with Beck,, marking another year of great successes.

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One of MGMT’s most popular songs to this day known as Kids, gained much of it’s popularity when it premiered on the hit series Gossip Girl. Originally an underground band, MGMT was now looked at as somewhat mainstream, and many children who only looked at the top songs were now beginning to purchase their upcoming EP’s and albums.

Presently, MGMT not only opens for bands, but plays at concerts of their own and tours all the time. They recently released an album on April 13th, 2010, entitled Congratulations, and was a huge hit in both the UK and the USA. Both have stated that although fame and fortune is not what they wanted out of they business, they know it is impossible to avoid and they will continue to make music in the future.

Out of all of MGMT’s songs and EP’s, Kids is definitely my favorite. The way it combines electronic, pop, rock, and many other genres is brilliant and to do it well is an extremely hard skill to master. Not only that, but it is extremely catchy and after listening to it once I’m sure you’ll be hooked. Another one of my favorites is Time To Pretend, for most of the same reasons as Kids, but additionally because it was their first song and it’s incredible how it’s been around for so long and is still a hit among most.

Personally, I believe that MGMT is one of the best Indie bands of all time. Through their innovative electronic rock style, they are able to communicate to a fan base that ranges from the most alternative to the most mainstream supporters. Many indie rock bands attempt to get out of the spotlight after becoming famous, but I think it’s great that MGMT instead embraces the spotlight, and continues to make great music for everyone to enjoy.