Its honestly been a while since my last Dream Theater album review. Well, now, we will be focusing on one of the most heartwrenching stories of all time. This story is about a man who falls asleep revisiting the past to when the love of his life died(which is unexplained). He then let’s out his anger and sadness on other people who’ve seen this “Fatal Tragedy” and was the topic for many years. After therapy, he sets out to find the girl and finds a way to reach her again, by killing himself as well. They then, fall in love in the afterlife and do “The Dance if Eternity” to love a happily ever after. Great story and Dream Theater`s first of two concept albums. Touching story and one of the best that I’ve heard in music if not, the best. The poetic lyrics that LaBrie pulls off almost flawlessly. The instrumentation is excellent as well fitting with the mood of the story at that point. Did I mention its in the style of a play? If you don’t believe me then here, all of the tracks are labeled with a scene number and there are two separate acts in the play styled album. You will feel every but of emotion that they throw at you. This my favorite Dream Theater album for most of the reasons I mentioned above but there’s one more thing, the instrumentals are completely crazy. Take a look at Overture 1928 and Dance of Eternity and tell me they aren’t going crazy on this album. A,little fun fact I`d like to throw out there is that I even have the full guitar tracks for the album(even though I have no idea how to play a guitar. I could still use a violin for it though).
I can’t imagine any Dream Theater fan not liking this masterpiece of an album. Then again, when is something liked by everyone? Never. The best Dream Theater album to date so far. I have to give it a 10/10. I am the Grim Reaper, signing off.