Metallica’s new album “load” is a strange, but good change from their last self-titled album. Metallica has, for many years been one of the most well-known and best heavy metal bands around. Their albums have done extremely well.

Their first album, “Kill ’em all,” had heavy guitars and a lot of power chords but on every album after that, they slowly progressed and are now more of a musical band rather than just playing the same three chords over and over. Their latest album features many songs which fans have dubbed “un-metal” like “Hero of the day” and “Mama said.” But songs like “The house that Jack built” and “Ronnie” let you know that Metallica is still heavy metal.

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Metallica has matured not just musically, but artistically as well. Their new image with short hair and suits and their new video style shows how much they have grown. But no matter where they go, there will always be a legion of fans to follow them