In light of the recent release of “Death Magnetic,” the highly anticipated album by Metallica, I looked back to their overlooked shadow, Megadeth. Megadeth has always been at odds and shortchanged for almost 20 years.

“United Abominations,” Megadeth’s eleventh studio album, was released in 2007, and has been a success. Yet, I feel some people are put off by it. “United Abominations” attacks many of the cruel but ongoing issues of today. Topics of war, poverty, and corruption, brought together around the guitar-focused sound, makes this album a “whole” experience.

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Glen Drover, a new lead guitarist, was brought in to help with the production of the album. He works very well with Dave Mustaine, frontman and rhythm guitarist, who has gone through many lead guitarists. They have stayed true to their original thrash metal sound of the ’80s, which is not often seen today. The riffs are top-notch, and the solos and leads are screaming; a delight for any metal head. The two guitars are voiced well through the lyrics, each with their own attitude and separate meaning. Dave Mustaine’s voice has matured with time, becoming deeper, and he isn’t using his signature snarl very much, which was in many of their early music.

This album takes an especially hard tone with war, especially the Iraq War and its distasteful consequences.

Yet, not all is somber in this album, there are some great ballads and metal songs here. If you’re not a fan of metal music, you should check it out and perhaps even surprise yourself. If you are a fan of metal music, this is a definite buy.