I wish I could wear high heels when I exercise. That would be so cool. I would wear my bright red pumps I wore to homecoming this year. I would wear black shorts and a black shirt so my heels would stand out. Can’t you just picture some hot girl squatting 100 pounds or running on the tread mill at the gym in bright red heels!? Meet Virginia. I can’t believe she doesn’t own a dress. Like I thought I didn’t wear dresses much. Besides my formal dresses, I think I own only 2. I’m not much of a dress girl either Virginia. And Virginia is definitely right, like come on every girl wants to be the Queen at some point in her life.. or maybe a princess. But if I really think about it we have it so easy. We get to pull our hair into a ponytail and wear gym t-shirts whenever we want. If I was a Queen, I would actually have to poke my pinky out when I drink tea. And forget about my regular raspberry Arizona iced tea in a can for 99 cents; if I was the Queen I would have to drink out of the little glass cup that actually doesn’t hold much liquid at all but is super fragile. In fact, Virginia was so right, we don’t really want to be the Queen. Meet Virginia. Her family literally might have been the coolest. Like, her dad wrestled alligators! My dad sits in an office all day. To be honest, I would have appreciated “bring your child to work day” a whole lot more if my daddy wrestled alligators. Her MOM is a car mechanic. How bad ass. Not to mention, her brother is all buddy buddy with the President. Meet Virginia. She drinks coffee at midnight, when the moment is not right. I can relate: it’s 3:30 in the morning and I just drank two Red Bulls. Meet Virginia. “She pulls her hair back as she screams, ‘I don’t really wanna be the queen.'” She’s beautiful.