Kid Cudi has garnered a vast amount of hype for his sophomore album to follow up the classic, Man on the Moon: End of Day. We all presumed that the album would be “darker” than his previous work, but the Legend of Mr. Rager is a very unique piece of art that Cudi has produced. We don’t know much about the Legend of Mr. Rager, but we have a good idea of who he is. Though Kid doesn’t express as much emotion into this album as he does into previous, his beats are gloomier and his lyrics are more to the point and catchy. His hooks are fatally catchy, and his beats are perfect for his flow; Cudi even creatively fits beautiful guitar riffs into some of his songs like Trapped in my Mind and Marijuana. The only thing I don’t like about the album is that Cudi doesn’t have as many sick lines as he did on End of Day, the best verse you will find of the album is Kanye’s verse on Erase Me. Overall, the album is a DEFINITE BUY, it will take a minute to get used to the album but you will fall in love with Kid Cudi if you haven’t already.
Scott Mescudi vs. The World: 9/10 – Prefect way to start an album with the “In My Dreams” sample at the beginning
REVOEVO 8/10 – Very creative song, but gets old
Don’t Play This Song 8/10 – Takes patience to like this song, but it’s very emotional and deep
We Aite (Wake Your Mind Up) – 6/10 nice beat
Marijuana 10/10 – Easily the best song on the album, I can’t understand him at all but it’s amazing. (Love the End XD)
Mojo So Dope 7/10 – Eh, could be better.
Ashin’ Kusher 9/10 – The album begins to pick up a little more, this is very fun song to listen to in the car
Erase Me 10/10 – More great rock samples, perfect hook, and great verses. Kanye kind of steals to show though
Wild’n Cuz Im Young 10/10 – My theme song, Cudi has great verses, listen closely.
The Mood 8/10 – Great Song. Disturbing… but very good

MANIC 9/10 – Kid Cudi really likes the dark haha
Mr. Rager 10/10 –For some reason, you feel lifted up at the end of the song. It has a lot of classic soul to it
These Worries 10/10 – You see Cudi’s beautiful struggle through this song, amazing. Mary J. Blige is flawless and a perfect feature
The End 10/10 – Pure Hip-hop, GLC and Chip have crazy lyrics in the song, that make picture their scenario

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All Along 10/10 – Next best song of the album, perfect, pure soul. Makes you think about life when you are down.
Ghost! – 4/10 – Not good at all compared to the other songs
Trapped in My Mind 10/10 – Perfect song, the chorus will replay through your head as you start feeling better about something. Great guitar riffs and amazing chorus; perfect way to conclude the album