If you are interested in rap type music, have I got a CD for you! It’s TuPac’s special CD named “Makavelli.” He finished it right before he was shot, or at least most of it. There are only 12 songs but all of them are good. You know how sometimes you buy a CD and only like a few songs on it? This is not one of those CDs, if you like rap and especially if you like TuPac and his rhymes. I listen to this CD from start to finish whenever I am in the mood. I know of many other people who do this too.

“Hail Mary,” one of the songs, is great. It has a great beat and lots of good tight bass. I know that this will be one of your favorite songs when you start listening to it. You will like the rhymes of “Me and My Girlfriend”- they are words to live by! The song “just like daddy,” is cool because it is clean. You need a good clean song on every CD to show people what rap is like and not have to worry about the language. There is not much swearing on this CD, but there is enough so it has a Parental Advisory on the cover.

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This is by far the greatest new rap CD on the market right now, and if you don’t have it in your rap collection, I strongly suggest you add it before anything else! .