Nowadays, the odds are split whether any person under the age of 30 has heard the legendary “Stairway to Heaven” by mega rock band Led Zeppelin. The nimble and quick fingertips of lead guitarist Jimmy Page and Robert Plant’s bluesy, smooth vocals, rough wails, and mournful moaning made nearly every song produced by Zeppelin a lasting hit. John Bonham and John Paul Jones, the other two members of the band, unfortunately are not given the credit they rightfully deserve when it comes to recognizing the overwhelming success that Led Zeppelin had in the seventies. It was no secret that Plant and Page were the main powerhouses in delivering mind-blowing hits such as “Kashmir” and “Black Dog,” just a couple of the many Led Zeppelin songs that charted in several countries for an extended time. The band grew so popular that in just a few years, they were bigger than The Beatles, an accomplishment that most bands could only dream of.
As most members of sovereign super-groups do, both Plant and Page went on to have successful solo careers; the duo even spent time collaborating after Zeppelin disbanded. Robert Plant was, arguably, the most successful in his post-Zeppelin solo career. He had many successes, including “In the Mood” and “Big Log,” both from his album “The Principle of Moments,” which charted in the top ten in both the United Kingdom and United States.
Over the years, the rock legend has produced ten studio albums, the latest being “Lullaby and … the Ceaseless Roar.” Released in September 2014, Plant proved to listeners with an old soul and ears for rock ’n’ roll that he is like a fine wine – only getting better with age. Although he is relatively young compared to many rock legends still kicking today, he is one of the few lead singers from the heyday of rock who can still hold a note like he did when he was in his prime.
In his newest album, Plant pours his folksy heart out with an alternative rock twist that most would categorize as indie, but there are a couple of tracks that could be classified as psychedelic. The album certainly takes you on a trip. Plant’s effort to mix modern musical components with his classic songwriting talents have paid off, considering the positive reviews his latest work has received from critics.
Although every song on the album isn’t my cup of tea, there are many that made me fall in love with it. “Rainbow,” perhaps the most successful song from the album, is undeniably one of Plant’s best solo works. Its introduction was the hook that brought me in at first, but when I heard the lyrics, it was obvious to me from that moment on I would carry that song with me forever. The vibes from the song are different based on how you’re listening – whether through a record player, head phones, or a car radio. No matter how you listen, the quality and talent of this rock legend’s latest work is nothing less than absolute bliss.