This record-breaking and award-winning 7 member boy band has risen to the top and not just from their newest album “Love Yourself: Her”. The first ever K-Pop band to perform live on an American televised show singing “DNA” from their new album is BTS. BTS in Korean is Bangtan and this literally stands for Bulletproof Boy Scouts. Consisting of 4 vocalists: Jin,V, Jimin, Jungkook and 3 rappers: Suga, RM(leader of the group), and J-Hope, they make a phenomenal group. Their newest album, “Love Yourself: Her”, is an emotional, storytelling album that can help me find things in myself to love. It contains nine songs, some are more meaningful than others, such as the following: “Mic Drop”, “GoGo”, and “Outro: her”. I have learned from these that BTS isn’t just a band that only cares about fame or making cool songs, they love to take the problems in the world an express how they feel about them or what is wrong. They use their fame to reach people and spread messages to the whole world even with the language block.

One of their most known new songs, “Mic Drop”, has been through the charts even in America. BTS has collaborated with Steve Aoki and Designer to make two remixes and one music video. This song is more of a flex song on other groups but I have learned a lot about their history making it a bit deeper than that. “Mic Drop” has shown how much improvement and achievement they have made throughout the years together. It tells how they didn’t even know if they were going to debut to being one of the best groups in the K-Pop industry. They actually got the idea from Barack Obama’s speech where he dropped the mic at the end. Obama symbolized that he was done with his speech and presidential term saying it was epic. Through boasting in their song about their accomplishments, like in Suga’s rap line saying “sorry billboard, sorry worldwide”, they are able to balance it with their next songs.

It can be totally misinterpreted, but it’s an extraordinary hit that has an astonishing, dancy, fun feel to it. “GoGo” has many lines about squandering money and then spending it the next day, saying “YOLO”, and talking all about having a high-end life. In America, people can be thrown off by these lines thinking that BTS is talking about themselves and this how they live their lives. In Korea, however, kids and teens are spending too much money on apparel or items just to be in style, and it’s becoming a problem. BTS loves to write their music to get to listeners and this is just one of the ways they teach people to save and not be stupid or wasteful with money. They build up better futures just by their music because they have such loving, amazing, hardcore fans that do indeed, listen to their advice. After talking about problems with society they get into hardships with love.

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Looking for love, the song tells us that he found himself with her help. “Outro: Her”, shows every aspect of loving someone or something. It’s a song that echoes out the truth. In the song, the lyrics say “you’re the answer I call you her, her cause you’re my tear, tear” showing that there is immense love but with love is hardships and overcoming those increases how much more that love means. We are lied to by the world too think that there is a person perfect for us and it’s perfect when we find them because all we have is joy and happiness, but love has its tears. It’s a beautiful more slow song compared to the epic rap song “Mic Drop” giving a perfect end to their new album.

Their new album has many more impressive songs besides the ones I have talked about. All varieties from rap to chill slow songs. Even if it’s a bit hard to understand from a language block or if the lyrics don’t make much sense right away, this group will continue to have empowering and eye-opening songs for the real world. BTS has taken over my life just through music. It’s pretty crazy to think about that happening but I know I have a much better understanding of society. Creating a trip for fans, BTS has released inspiring new songs. From songs that show their amazing journey so far to a generation that cares so much about material things and ending the lovely time with a truthful image of hardships that bond true love. “Love Yourself: Her” by BTS is an amazing hit album and in the physical version there will be hidden songs only true Army(BTS fanbase) can understand.