As if homemade T-shirts and radio contests weren’t exciting enough, the ultra high-pitched screams of 20,000 at Milwaukee Summerfest meant Justin Bieber was within a five-mile radius.

Two hours before showtime, the stadium was a sea of neon shirts, signs, and body paint that read “Bieber Fever,” “Bieber’s Baby,” “HUG ME!” and “One Less Lonely Girl.” The line for lawn seats had formed early in the morning, and the one for prepaid seats was almost as long! Finally it was a race to the best seats with one goal in mind: Will I get a good picture of Justin?

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Then it was time for opening act number one, The Stunners. These five girls infused pop songs with Beyonce-style dance moves. Their set added more energy to the already-screaming crowd. Next was Jessica Jarrell, a solo artist who recorded a song with Bieber. Her fun pop sound warmed up the crowd even more.

By 7:30 the audience was ready for Sean Kingston. His high energy, Jamaican-feeling set lasted for 45 minutes, and the screaming was only increasing as the heat rose. After every song, the crowd began to chant and cheer. It was like a mob was ready to go on stage and pull Justin out.

Finally, at 8:45 an intro played on the screens, the backdrop for the one and only Justin Bieber, who walked out with his swagger in tow. Strobe lights, smoke, and Bieber defined the set. Eight back-up dancers, a full band, and ultra-high-energy songs overpowered the earsplitting screams of fans. Ballads, duets with Kingston and Jarrell, and a capella songs by the back up dancers don’t even begin to describe the show the 16-year-old put on.

With two large screens ­projecting YouTube videos ­during costume changes, a live video feed during songs, and images for the opening acts, this concert was the perfect combination of music and ­technology.