When we arrived at the civic center after afour-hour drive to see the teen blues rocker, we were surprised to seeJonny Lang himself rollerblading in the parking lot. It was almost twohours before the concert, so not many cars were there yet. We would havestopped to wish him luck but he bladed around the building and out ofview before we had the chance.

At 7 p.m. sharp we were in ourseats. Opening-act Beth Hart came on and gave a rather interestingperformance. Her voice was reminiscent of Janis Joplin’s, and though herperformance was well-done, it was a bit too long.

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At the end ofher hour, the lights brightened and the opening notes of “StillRainin'” rolled out. Jonny Lang and his band were absolutelyamazing; I was in awe. Jonny’s a great musician; he sang with suchemotion. I had waited almost three years to see him perform and it tookme four hours to get there, but the wait was, without a doubt, worthit.

Jonny and his band performed smashing songs from his twomajor-label albums, “Lie To Me” and “Wander ThisWorld.” I was very, very impressed. If you ever get a chance to seeJonny Lang, don’t pass it up. You’ll miss one of the best performersever.

After the concert, my friend and I stood outside for wellover an hour. We got to meet all of the band (except for the drummer)and Jonny himself. It was great to see that people with such talentstill have their heads on straight and aren’t the least bit conceited.They were really nice, polite and fun to talk to.

This was thecoolest concert I’ve ever been to; all the waiting and hours on the roadpaid off. I would do it all again in a heartbeat.