Jewel is a folk singer I have been interested in even before “Who Will Save Your Soul” hit the music charts. I discovered Jewel when she opened for Bob Dylan. When I heard her, I liked her style and how friendly she was with the crowd.

I knew I wanted to see her again even though she had not made it big. So when I had the chance, I purchased tickets as soon as possible and ended up with the eleventh row. I was really happy to get these seats, because by now everyone liked Jewel.

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The concert took place at New Haven’s Palace theatre in February. When I got to there, the opening band, Rugburns, was playing and were really good. I remember saying to my friend “This is definitely going to be a good concert.”

When Jewel came out, she was really friendly and was even better than when she opened for Bob Dylan. Fans (from ten-year-olds to adults) took advantage of Jewel’s warmth and went on stage to give her presents ranging from flowers to even a UConn Huskies T-shirt. This was a really impressive because at most concerts you can’t even come close to the performer.

Jewel sang well and also brought out the lead singer from Rugburns to sing duets with her. They sang together and the crowd joined in. When the concert was supposed to be over the audience wanted an encore. She sang her hit “Who Will Save Your Soul,” which was probably the best song she sang which the audience enjoyed.

After Jewel sang her encore, she thanked the crowd for their support. She seemed very grateful that she has become such a success in the music world since she had a rough life – living in a car and writing most of her songs that are so popular today.

When Jewel finally left the stage, for what she thought was the end of the concert, the crowd once again gave her a standing ovation. Jewel was very surprised to find the crowd had not left and tried to explain that she really had nothing planned for a second encore. So she told the crowd that she was a really quick yodeller, and yodeled as fast as she could. The crowd was amazed and enjoyed it because it was quite different. Jewel ended her concert and again thanked her fans. When everyone was on their way out, the consensus was that Jewel’s performance was exceptional and she put on a good show