Okay, so if you know anything about Say Anything, you know that Max Bemis (lead singer) is pretty much full-blown crazy, or WAS… at least during the writing of the album …Is A Real Boy. All of that insanity works for him though, because his music is sensational! It’s a tad inconsistent, but that’s part of what sets Say Anything apart from most other bands these days. Their songs are genuinely unique, and you don’t feel like you’re listening to the same thing over and over. They are refreshing in the way that they don’t beat around the bush. Max Bemis isn’t afraid of voicing his opinion, and has a truly different way of thinking. He vividly describes the journey from his L.A. high school to his current life as a married man, and everything in between! Say Anything’s music is rather diverse. They have a few poppy songs- Do Better and Crush’d, and acoustics- A Walk Through Hell and High School Low, and techno- Baby Girl, I’m a Blur, and many more, all with blunt, no BS lyrics, and an alternative twist. Bemis shows you the dark side of the truth, and makes you want more! Max Bemis- king of metaphors. These songs are catchy and definitely a bit adult. All in all, an epic band.