California-based Incubus’ fifth album, “Morning View,” is one of the best, most refreshing displays of musical and lyrical ability. Radio gems such as “Wish You Were Here” and “Nice To Know You” lead the album, and the songs, mostly unreleased, only get better as you go down the playlist. Each has a different sound, so it would not do them justice to label them as simply an “alternative rock” band. Moreover, this album ranges from hard, drum-pounding, voice-blaring “rock,” to sentimental, guitar-centered ballads. Brandon Boyd, the front man, has a soothing, melodic voice that fits perfectly. In a word, he is captivating.

My favorite track is definitely “Are You In?” Its feel-happy lyrics are like nothing on the music scene. Other favorites include “Echo,” a modern-day love song, and the cleverly written “Just a Phase” complete with a striking intro. Honestly, this is the first CD where I’ve enjoyed every song. Incubus proved themselves true pioneers in the music world with this release.

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Yes, this review comes a long time after the album’s original release in 2001. But I’ve enjoyed it so much that I feel if I say nothing, I would be depriving possible audiences of great pleasure.

Incubus has, thus far, been overlooked as the groundbreaking lyricists, musicians and performers they are. They are not a new trend either; they have been around for more than 12 years.

So, if you are an aficionado of innovative or just good music, I highly recommend “Morning View.” With a song for everyone, it’s a real crowd-pleaser. It is soulful, it is loud, it is depressing, it is happy, and it is excellent. With all this said, my one question would have to be “Are you in?”