I use to think that the only song with more male nudity then female was Right Said Fred’s “too sexy”, which this song kinda ripped off, but the abominations of music known as LMFAO couldn’t let that be so they made this song that I’m reviewing today. Visually this song wouldn’t be so bad if it was showing something not completely disturbing like their… uh… wiggling private parts. I think I died a bit after seeing that, but moving on the music is also pretty bad because it repeats the same beat over, and over, and over into oblivion. I think if you’ve heard any of their other songs you should know that they write lyrics the same way that fire knits sweaters, they’re bad and barely important to the song like this only one I will tell you, “I work out”, really? That was their choice, to pick something that anyone with eyes could tell is a lie just by looking at their bodies. Perhaps a better title would have been, “I’m ugly and I show it”. Last but probably most important is their incredible amount of smugness gets annoying, like the fact that you can outright tell they know that they’re not sexy or good, but they don’t care they’re still richer then you’ll ever be. Oh well, in the end this probably won’t change your opinion about it, but thanks for reading anyways.