One of my favorite artists is Brandon McCartney, also known as Lil’ B “The BasedGod” His most recent albums include “Angel’s Exodus” and “I’m Thraxx” But his most controversial new album was titled “I’m Gay” Many people would say that Lil’ B’s music is stupid and even irrelevant, but the don’t take the time to get to know him through more than just his music.

When the title “I’m Gay” was released, people who did not support McCartney’s music made “I’m Gay” even more of a reason not to support him. Some of his most loyal fans understood the album’s purpose and were able to find the message behind the title. Lil’ B chose the title “I’m Gay” for his new album for several reasons. One of the reasons was to see if his fans would stay loyal to him when he did something so strange. McCartney did not want fake fans that wouldn’t stand by him and support him.

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Another reason why McCartney chose the title was to express the difference between his two alter egos. McCartney’s alter egos are called Lil’ B and The BasedGod. Lil’ B is wild, cocky, carless, and is expressed more. The BasedGod is more relaxed intellectual, conservative, and the side that is ignored by most. These two attitudes combined to create the idea for the new album.

Most of McCartney’s previous albums only show the side called Lil’ B. The music that Lil’ B makes is very intense, fun, and criticized by a lot of people. Hearing The BasedGod’s music is rare. Most of the time Lil’ B overshadows The BasedGod, which is another reason why McCartney combined the two personalities on the album “I’m Gay” Since both personalities are on the album then people will be able to hear both of them. McCartney wanted to show people that there was more to him than what they thought.

When Lil B titled his newest album I’m Gay he received several death threats. Although he is heterosexual, he says the title is a message of support to the LGBT community. Referring to the alternative definition of gay, he says he is gay because he is happy. Most of these threats came from online social networking sites. Including MySpace, Twitter and Facebook. Through Twitter, McCartney said that if his non-supporters only knew him, they wouldn’t see him in the way they do.