By listening to someone’s favorite music, one can learn a lot about their ideals and personality, and even what their generation’s values are. Blood On The Dance Floor’s electronic disgusting and degrading song “I.D.G.A.F” demonstrates how truely demeaning and wrong a single song can be. By reading the lyrics of this song, one can tell that it is utterly deviod of any meaning present. The narrator speaks in first person, providing minimal detail of how independent he/she is, how they do not care for having true relationships, how women are only tools for sex, and how this narrator is better than anyone else on the planet. These lyrics demonstrate the theme that being a filthy-mouthed and self-centered youth who does not care for anyone else but themselves is the optimal personality to maintain. Violence, drug use, sexual inuendos, and blatantly terrible language are ubiquitous throughout the song. This song only represents how tasteless and repulsive the music of this generation can be.

Not only does the speaker present meaningless themes; he also shows how bands don’t need any musical talent to be popular. Jayy Von Monroe and Garrett Ecstasy (classy stage names) sing with obviously auto-tuned voices over a poppy electronic back beat that was made on someone’s free-download-of-music-program. There is no instrumental talent, no vocal talent, and no thought put into the song. The computerized tones and drum beats do not succeed in creating music. They only succeed in insulting all real musicians who perfect their craft through years of practice and study. From Beethoven to John Lennon, musicians of all age and generation would be filled with terrible disappointment that this is even considered music. In no way has a computer ever been considered an instrument; nor should it ever be.

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Music and lyrics are supposed to project powerful thoughts and sounds to the listener that leave them in a state of thought and enjoyment. Instead of leaving the listener with any discernable meaning, “BOTDF” leaves their listener with a compound of aggressive lyrics and a new understanding of obscene and “hard-core” language that attacks the ear drums. In the duration of the song, 46 vulgarities are said, including saying f*** 40 times in all. Presenting such vulgarity may influnce the listeners to believe that speaking this demeaning language will make you a loveable and attractive person. By attempting to show how awesome and hard-core they are, the singers only made fools of themselves. The song’s chorus ” I don’t give a f***, Never gave a f***, I won’t give a f***” is a definite example of the song’s repetetive and shallow language that only mocks the roles of women in society.

The song presents that women are simply tools for sex. The singers explain that honest relationships are completely meaningless and useless, and that everyone should just worry about hooking up with “Tomb raider bodies.” The song’s plot revolves around attempting to influence a woman to undress herself and “Hook up” with the narrator, who is bellicosely rude and arrogant. The narrator presents that being self-centered is an attractive quality that will catch the attention of all the “Hotties.” These tasteless messages only further perpetuate youth to act egotistically and irrisponsibly. The writers seem determined to insure that all youth of this age are arrogant and cocky delinquents that do not care for any serious matter.

Instead of presenting a powerful lyric that would influnce the listener to better themselves,” BOTDF” states in this song that being an arrogant hoodlum that takes nothing seriously is the optimal way to present yourself. When I first heard this song, I could not help myself but to think, how has music come to this? How has music come from philosophical and powerful ballads to this electronic pile of meaningless idiocy that is considered music today? While on occasion I do somewhat enjoy certain styles of electronic music, I cannot stand for the talentless and tasteless computerized tones that were carelessly thrown together by some wannabe musician who does not care to understand the responsibility and crafstmanship demanded of a musician. BOTDF’s “song” insults me as a youth of this generation, as a dedicated musician, and as a lover of meaningful music.