In the writing titled “I Am a Lifeguard” written by Jonah F., I felt worried for him. His writing about saving a little girls life left me feeling almost speechless because of the impact I know that must’ve had on him. This article was written so well and makes you realize how important some jobs are. Yes, it seems true that lifeguarding could be considered a boreing or perhaps “easy” job because it is mostly a lot of sitting, waiting and watching. However, some people don’t always think about the experiences that some lifeguards may have had. The comparison, “She was flailing her arms as if she was fighting off a pack of bees”, uses great imagery, making it easier to picture the scene. I also love how the article ended with a strong conclusion.”Sometimes even lifeguards forget this, but that day I will never forget.” To me, this quote shows how much of an impact that moment obviously made on his life and how you can not take anything for granted.