When news came out that Matt Walst of My Darkest Days and the brother of Three Days Grace’s bass guitarist, Brad Walst, will be the new vocalist, everyone expected it won’t be as good as Adam Gontier being in it.

I beg to differ as Matt wrote depressing and angry lyrics to the band’s new album “Human” that had a similar tone to “Life Starts Now”, but the only difference is the voice of Matt Walst.

Matt and others who worked on it made the songs sound like a different perspective of humanity than what we are generally seeing everyday. The whole album describes those dark side in form of feelings that most humans had felt. It all starts with a hatred for the human race in the first song of the album, “Human Race”.

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It then escalated to the point where some form of pain killers were used to ease the pain of some kind in “Pain Killer”, but also including that the song may reference to drug addiction, to the anger towards humanity in “Landmines”.

Next, it reaches the point where it feels more of being a machine than being a human as the feeling of being human is numbed out by something that has been broken, therefore, becoming more of a machine which has no human feeling.

Towards the end of the album, the last time songs “The End Is Not The Answer” and “The Real You” presents the feelings of one who is running from their problems with horrible solutions with bad consequences. However, they are sung in the perspective of voice of reasoning. For example, in “The End Is Not The Answer”, the voice of reasoning is telling not to give up because they are simply not alone in whatever situation. As for “The Real You”, it presents the idea of a person running from their real self while someone from the outside is trying to make them understand that they know the real them and trying to convince that person to going back to their real selves.